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2021 - 2022 | W2 Employee

I worked across the stack to deliver huge value to the organization. Tech includes NextJS, Kotlin, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, TypeScript, SQL, and GraphQL.

  • Shipped Desks Booking for the web
  • Massively reduced the cost of a vital internal testing process
  • Planned and presented a multi-year roadmap for in-office mapping
  • Refactored complex endpoint to remove a poorly performing database lock, while keeping data integrity
  • Planned and shipped the first App Extension for Envoy's Developer Platform. App Extensions allow external developer to put their own dynamic UI into Envoy's products.

Wrote Fiction

2017 - 2021 | Author

I wrote several fantasy novels under pen names.

Through this process I learned much about the production of creative work on deadline - the parallels to coding and startup life are there if you're looking for them.

My final book was a meditation on how the best life involves working with a small team to solve hard problems.

So I quit writing, and decided to work with a small team to solve hard problems.

"I absolutely loved this book! The detail and character growth. The adventures keep the readers on their toes. It makes you take a second look at some of the wildlife and creatures that surround us... Fast paced and hard to put down!"
— Trisa91, Amazon Reviewer


2019 - 2021 | Founder, Educator

Screencasts for the working Vue developer.

I cover topics like Nuxt, Vuetify, Mirage, and more in a depth that's far past what you'd see in beginner tutorials.

9,000+ YouTube subscribers and dozens of hours of original video content, and effusive praise from many viewers.

Custom site built using VueJS and Ruby on Rails.

"Short, precise, step-by-step, beginner-friendly and clear."
— Naty Java, YouTube subscriber

"This is waaaaaaaay more useful than the documentation... honestly wouldn't have figured things out without this."
— Gary Williams, YouTube subscriber

Impact DataSource

2019 - 2020 | Contractor

Impact DataSource provides tools for improving decision-making at Economic Development Organizations.

My primary projects were:
  1. Creating a complex multi-step form whose order and contents are generated dynamically based on user input. I created a developer-facing DSL for this purpose, which ended up being rather extensive once all edge cases were accounted for.
  2. Generating reports based on the form results
  3. Refactoring legacy code for greater simplicity and reusability
  4. Bugfixes throughout the app

I worked primarily in Ember, though I sometimes worked with the Node and Mongo backend as well.

"I'm very impressed. I knew you were comfortable with Ember, but the amount you've been able to accomplish in a relatively short time is almost astounding. I'm very happy with the amount of reusability across this whole branch."
- Josh Gillespie, team lead

Liberty Source

2020 | Contractor

Liberty Source provides tools for tracking education results.

This was a fixed-bid consulting project where I created an advanced data table in VueJS. We tracked milestones accomplished rather than hours spent. I enjoyed this way of working and hope to do it again.

"We've been super thrilled with this engagement."
- Jeff Holst, project lead

VueMastery Course

2020 | Educator

A course teaching how to build a Gmail clone in Vue 3, commissioned by VueMastery. Code reviewed by Evan You, creator of VueJS.

I used this opportunity to get feedback on my recording and teaching techniques, and create videos with a higher level of polish.

Gregg's CodeSchool courses were a huge part of my initial journey into web development, so it was an honor to collaborate with him.


2020 | Founder, Educator

A comprehensive multimedia learning experience, created in partnership with VueMastery.

There are three main components of VueTraining:
  • Videos from VueMastery and VueScreencasts
  • Short exercises designed to test your knowledge
  • Step-by-step projects so you can put together your skills

Custom site built using VueJS and Ruby on Rails.

Snail Cult

2018 - 2019 | Leader

I started and ran a writing critique group called Snail Cult.

We were able to foster a culture of caring that nonetheless allowed for harsh critique and a focus on improvement.

They continued for at least a year after I left town. Creating something that can run without me is a huge success.

Built a Tiny House

2019 | Builder

I converted an old shed into a tiny house.

It was my main residence for over half a year, and my writing/coding retreat for another year.

Main subprojects:
  • Laid concrete and put in flooring
  • Insulation, drywall, and painting
  • Put in windows
  • Wired up electricity

After this, I appreciate that none of my other jobs have been actual work.

Digital Nomadism

2018 | Explorer

I experimented with digital nomadism, traveling through Central Europe and staying a month each in several wonderful places.

That lifestyle is not for me.


2018 | Contractor

TrueCoach is the #1 platform for personal trainers.

We created a smooth experience that let trainers find and interact with groups of clients intuitively.

Contracting work with EmberJS.

"It was a pleasure working with you! The grouping stuff is a hit with our users!"
- Casey Jenks, Founder and CEO


2016 - 2017 | W2 Employee

Q2 builds banking software for hundreds of credit unions and small banks. I was part of the team working on the core web interface that was then customized for each bank.

As a W2 employee, my main responsibility was creating features and fixing bugs as directed from above.

However, I also undertook some other projects to improve the experience for other developers:
  • Refactored legacy Ember code from Controller-centric design to Component-centric design (part of the 1.x to 2.x transition)
  • Created a wiki with agreed-upon coding practices
  • Refactored test suite so it went from taking over an hour to run to taking less than 10 minutes, while preserving test coverage area

Elixir Crash Course

2017 | Author

The Elixir Crash Course teaches you just enough Elixir to start understanding Phoenix apps.

It is part 1 of a planned Phoenix tutorial. If I get back into Elixir, I'll finish the next parts.

"The explanations are crystal clear. The exercises, while simple, do a good job of covering corner cases that might otherwise not be obvious."
- Franco Barbeite, Senior Software Engineer at LiftForward


2016 - 2017 | Founder, Educator

The most comprehensive online Ember training on the planet.

Hundreds of videos, dozens of exercises, and several large projects give you everything you need to learn Ember quickly and easily.

Site built using Ruby on Rails and EmberJS. Core modules abstracted and used as building blocks for the and sites.

"It’s amazing. It’s really wonderful. The structure of it is super great, and I’ve been really blown away by the quality of the content."
- Jonathan Jackson, Co-host of Ember Weekend

Real World Ember

2016 | Interviewer

A podcast where I talked to skilled and interesting but non-famous members of the EmberJS community.

We focused on how they came to Ember and how they're using it to solve their company's problems.

Build Pacman

2016 | Author

A book that teaches modern Javascript, HTML5 Canvas, and a bit of EmberJS.

Instruction was interspersed with both a suspenseful narrative and practical examples to create a compelling learning experience.


2015 - 2016 | Contractor

altSchool (now Altitude Learning) is a K-5 school and technology platform that focuses on personalized learning.

My primary responsibility was shepherding the app through the infamous Ember 1.x to Ember 2.x transition.

"Jeffrey is an Ember expert. If you're still looking for help on [redacted], I recommend getting in touch with him."
- Benji Shine, team lead


2014 - 2016 | Founder, Educator

Weekly screencasts about EmberJS, for all skill levels.

This is what put me on the map and got me recognized at conferences. Many have said they use this as their first reference when trying to learn or remember something in the Ember ecosystem.

Site built using Ruby on Rails.

Communication Service for the Deaf

2014 - 2015 | W2 Employee

A non-profit focused on bringing translation and other services to deaf and hard of hearing people.

I worked on both the Ember frontend and the Ruby on Rails backend.


2013 - 2014 | W2 Employee

I automated their onboarding process, drastically reducing the time required to get a new instructor into the system.

I also modernized their instructor display system, reducing the time for making changes from hours of copy-and-paste updates to a couple clicks.

The Frontside

2014 | Contractor

As part of The Frontside, I worked with several clients and used a variety of technologies to meet their needs.

The highlight of working here was pairing with the other brilliant coders on the team.

"Jeffrey is awesome."
- Charles Lowell, Founder and CTO

Math Monsters

2014 | Founder, CEO, CTO

A game that teaches elementary school math, built using Ruby on Rails and EmberJS.

The core battle system was inspired by Pokemon. Attacks are executed by winning math puzzle games - harder puzzles means more powerful attacks - and an elemental strength/weakness system encouraged kids to use all different types of math.

Work was stopped because I ran out of funds.

"You are a huge hit in the homeschooling world! A great program for kids when mom needs a few minutes of guilt free, free time 😊 my oldest loves it and begs to play most every day!"
- Shae'le Arslanian

Math and Science Tutor

2009 - 2012 | Tutor

I was an official tutor for Hendrix college - Chemistry for my junior year, and Physics for my senior year.

After graduating, I spent a year doing private tutoring for math, science, and other related technical subjects.

Staunch Robots

2012 | Contractor

I moved to Colombia to work with an international software consulting team.

We primarily used Ruby on Rails, although we explored other technologies as needed.

"Jeff continually delivered clean, well tested Ruby on Rails code. He delivered on time and was a great asset not just as a developer but as an engineer and thinker. Simply excellent work."
- Peter McCaffrey, client

GRE Results

2011 | Test Taker

  • GRE Math: top 1%
  • GRE Verbal: top 1%
  • GRE Computer Science: top 14%

Note: The Computer Science GRE was meant for CS majors, but I was a CS minor. I spent a couple months studying to catch up.

Chemical Physics major

2007 - 2011 | Undergraduate Student

I completed a Chemical Physics major at Hendrix College.

GPA for the major was 3.9.

Computer Science minor

2010 - 2011 | Undergraduate Student

I completed a Computer Science minor at Hendrix College during my last two semesters.

In my first Computer Science semester, about a month after teaching myself Scheme (a LISP variant), I was taking a 100-level, 200-level, and 300-level CS class at the same time.

GPA for the minor was 4.0.

Biophysics Research at UC Berkeley

2010 | Intern

I worked in the lab of Dr. Evan R. Williams and contributed to two scientific papers:

As of this writing, these papers have been cited 73 times.

Eagle Scout

2002 - 2007 | Leader

I earned my Eagle Scout rank at Troop 99 in Little Rock.

  • Two terms Patrol Leader
  • One term Senior Patrol Leader
  • Several terms Troop Guide