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2022 | Senior Staff Developer

Worked in multiple frontend and backend apps to rapidly deliver features and bugfixes.

The most interesting app involved streaming data updates and conflict resolution for realtime event scorekeeping.

“Jeffrey is a talented, hardworking developer who delivers excellent work on even the most challenging projects. He is also an excellent communicator with a consistently positive attitude. I would work with him again without reservation.”
– Chris Bonser, CTO of TeamTopia


2021 - 2022 | Staff Developer

I worked across the stack to deliver huge value to the organization. Tech includes NextJS, Kotlin, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, TypeScript, SQL, and GraphQL.

  • Shipped Desks Booking for the web
  • Massively reduced the cost of a vital internal testing process
  • Planned and presented a multi-year roadmap for in-office mapping
  • Refactored the Desk Booking backend's most complex endpoint to remove database locks while still avoiding collisions.
  • Planned and shipped the first App Extension for Envoy's Developer Platform. App Extensions allow external developer to put their own dynamic UI into Envoy's products.

“Jeffrey raised the bar for technical design and project planning, and the work that he delivered was exceptionally high quality."
- Jon Staff, engineering manager

“Jeffrey is one of the best project planners I have had the pleasure of working with.”
- Chad Bettencourt, engineering manager


2012 - 2023 | Contractor and Consultant

I've worked with a variety of clients, both directly and through consulting agencies.

Most of my clients were either project-based or medium-term engagements (6-10 months).

Through this I've learned to deliver value quickly in multiple environments.

Espresso Recruiting
Liberty Source
Impact DataSource
The Frontside
Staunch Robots

Teaching (mostly code)

2009 - 2023 | Educator

I started my teaching career tutoring my college classmates in Chemistry, Physics, and Differential Equations.

After I learned to code, I shared my knowledge as soon as possible.

My current challenge is expanding beyond the Railscast-inspired tutorial video into something that's a better fit for YouTube and social media, while still keeping high teaching standards.

JeffreyCodes YouTube Channel
SQuirrelLock Holmes
Elixir Crash Course
Build Pacman
Math Monsters
Math and Science Tutor

Senior Engineer W2 Jobs

2013 - 2023 | Senior+ Engineer

I've spent time at multiple small to medium sized companies, working across the stack to add value.

Communication Service for the Deaf

Adventures outside code

2007 - 2023 | Builder, adventurer

Not every day is spent in front of the computer screen.

Not every computer hour is in VSCode or documentation.

And yet, the experiences are still valuable.

Real Estate and Housing
Wrote Fiction
Built a Tiny House
Snail Cult
Digital Nomadism
Biophysics Research at UC Berkeley
Computer Science minor
Chemical Physics major
GRE Results
Eagle Scout